Understanding different extremism and radicalisation pathways and trends – Register now to PARTICIPATION H2020 two-day Workshop

Oct 31, 2022News

A two-day workshop to discuss the different dimensions of extremism and radicalisation drivers and pathways , on the link between social status, values and attitudes toward extremism practices and cultures, including hate speech, and the relation between gender and radicalisation/extremism.

UNICT invites you to take part in the PARTICIPATION H2020 project third Regional Workshop which will be held on November 10th and 11th, 2022 in Catania (Italy).

The aim of the event is to share the results achieved during the last year of the project, feeding the discussion on extremism and radicalisation to refine the research and contribute to the circulation of knowledge between experts, researchers, students and policy makers.
With a co-participatory set-up, the workshop is open to scholars, politicians, experts on terrorism and radicalization, researchers and practitioners  in the field of contrasting and preventing radicalization and extremism.

Understanding different extremism and radicalisation pathways and trends
Two-day Workshop

November 10th-11th, 2022

Department of Education, University of Catania

Speakers and discussants

Lorenzo Marinone, European Foundation for Democracy, Bruxelles
Marco Lombardi, University of Catholic Heart, Milan
Necla Acik, Middlesex University, London
Kevin McDonald, Middlesex University, London
Fahrad Khosrokhavar, CADIS, EHESS – CNRS, Paris
Bulcsú Hunyadi, Political Capital Institute, Budapest
Dana Dolghin, University of Amsterdam
Marilena Macaluso, University of Palermo

Roundtable on Radicalisation Project in Europe

Santina Musolino, University Roma Tre – PARTICIPATION
Valeria Rosato, University Roma Tre – PARTICIPATION
Davide Lauretta, European Foundation for Democracy – Euroguide
Dana Dolghin, Patrir Romanian Peace Institute – CHAMPION
Guido Savasta, CESIE – CEAR
Giuseppe Dentice, Centro studi internazionali – TRUST
Chair: Robert Gianni

For further information or register to the workshop please contact Liana M. Daher, liana.daher@unict.it.

If you cannot attend the event, join us online on Teams: shorturl.at/gJY68 .