PARTICIPATION at Festival della Sociologia 2023

Oct 20, 2023News

During the VIII edition of the Festival della Sociologia – which took place in Narni on 6, 7 and 8 October 2023 – some partners of the PARTICIPATION project took part in two panels to raise awareness of some of the results achieved in almost three years of work and research. Specifically, Giorgia Mavica (University of Catania) participated in the panel “Globalization and its shadow. Italy and Europe facing the crisis structural of the global world” reflecting on the relationship between radicalization and globalization starting from what emerged from the Project. 

Marco Di Liddo (CE.S.I), Santina Musolino (Roma Tre University), Valeria Rosato (Roma Tre University) and Emanuele Rossi (Roma Tre University) proposed an entire panel focused on the PARTICIPATION project, its results and the new challenges for Europe posed by radicalization and violent extremism entitled “Reveiling the faces of the political violence. radicalization and de-radicalization in Europe”.